The Start for a change

Project Eden has the goal to recreate and realize the Original Plan for humanity and Mother Earth.
We will achieve this by spreading Keshe technology all over the world :

And by promoting the Event- see:

We will also achieve this with humanitarian projects like :
1 ) Popolo Sovrano Trust (to eliminate poverty and starvation )
2 ) The Federation of the United States of Humanity ( to eliminate boundaries among countries and communities and establish Peace on Earth once and for all, which are also the goals of Keshe).
3) The City of Light where to apply completely Keshe’s technologies and where to live spiritual lives full of respect for each other and Mother Earth.
4) The Universal Brotherhood of Peace – The embassy of planet Earth in the Galactic Federation of Light – and the protocol that leads to that. See my essay on called ‘ Decade of Contact ‘.

See also my essay on

called   ‘ Agartha Shambhala and the Galactic Federation of Light ‘
Here I invite all of humanity to join me in this divine and angelic task.

Here is my book about the connection between mysticism and extraterrestrial civilizations :


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